light me up a cigarette and put it in my mouth
you're the only one that wants me to die

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Charlie Smith @ Elite Models | Photographed by Michael Furlonger
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Boris Bidjan Saberi FW14

I think I’m gonna skip the gym. Again.

duncan proctor by mitsuo okamoto
Q: I'm getting bored with tumblr, it literally is the same thing every day, it feels like a chore to keep my 'blog' up, and no one, and I mean no one pays any interest. I used to think that tumblr was a place where I could fit in, and that I wouldn't feel judged. I find myself second guessing everything I do wondering if people I don't even know like my blog, should I really care? No. But I do? I don't want millions of asks, or thousands of followers or attention, but just to feel interesting.

i know how you feel, it is boring most of the time. and i can’t speak for everyone else but the reason im still here is because of the many wonderful people ive met on this site, some of whom are so so so important to me. and god knows we all blog for the wrong reasons sometimes, be it attention or whatever. but blog for yourself and blog what you want to and don’t let anyone tell you shit or make you feel like shit, and you really don’t have to feel like you need to blog a certain way to make people like you. the truth is tumblr is quintessentially a microcosm of the very judgmental world we live in today, but that shouldnt stop you from searching for like-minded people and simply dropping them a message saying hi (i’m sure they’d appreciate it). *big hug*

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Adrien Sahores by Ugo Richard - Les Echos, Série Limitée

Michael Lange | Ph: Eric Guillemain

Janis Ancens - Intermezzo Spring/Summer 2014
Lyle Lodwick | Miharayasuhiro FW09